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Psychic Tarot Reading

I do a thorough 21 card spread working both with the cards and psychically. I work through the past, what’s going on around you now and what comes up for you in the next 6 months. The cards are extremely accurate and flow in the order of events that have occurred in your life.

Spiritual Healing

 This is where I am used as a channel for my guides to come in and attempt to heal you. This is used when you are suffering from a physical ailment. Although cures cannot be guaranteed, there have been some miraculous results.

Mediumship Reading

Bringing through loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world and providing evidence of their continued existence. Bringing through memory links and allowing them to tell me what they’ve seen you do since their passing, to show they are still very much part of your life. I also bring them close to you so that you can physically feel their presence and recognize when they are around.

Experiencing Guides

During these sessions we will work on developing a closeness with your Spirit guides so that you may also feel and know them too. While in a meditative state we will build strengthen your connection with them. This connection can be built on a foundations of love and trust if we allow it.


Thanks! Julie will be in touch.

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